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Esta es nuestra selección de cinturones de caballero para esta temporada.

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Colección Anekke

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Billeteros de caballero

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Before approaching the store this morning, I called by phone in case they were closed due to the pandemic, and by phone the treatment has been very friendly, which I have been able to verify when I arrived at the store. Magnificent professional (I don't know her name, if that was the case, I would have put it), who knew from the first moment what I wanted, showing me all kinds of bags that could be adjusted to my needs. What I liked the most and at the same time was pleasantly surprised (because a treatment like this was not usual), has been that it has been noticed that the bag I was carrying had one side of the handle that without breaking, was somewhat loose and possibly In a short time it could be about to be released, because with great kindness he has offered to fix it by putting a rivet without any charge. I also want to comment that the prices are affordable, which is very important today.


Muchos años de experiencia en el mundo de la marroquinería. Variedad de modelos y para todo tipo de presupuestos.Trato amable, cercano y muy profesional. Su propietaria, Mari, te aconsejará perfectamente.

Isabel Royo Avatar Isabel Royo

Pese a ser una tienda pequeña, tiene una gran variedad de bolsos y complementos para señora, como carteras y bolsos de caballero, se nota la dedicación y el empeño que pone ya que la atención fue inmejorable, fui a comprar un bolso para regalar y acerté de pleno gracias a los consejos.

Mario Cobretti Avatar Mario Cobretti

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Avenida San José, 55
50013 – Zaragoza


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